Outcomes and Stats Report: AIstats' Retrospective View

Football is not only about the match itself. Prematch analysis is an important part of fans’ research of teams’ current form. At AIstats, we understand that a proper analysis should be more than just the “last 5 matches' results”.

The Outcomes Report and the Stats Report features are here to level up old-fashioned practices. Now fans may use the AIstats advanced metrics, like rtP and xP, to understand how often teams bring surprises to their fans.

The Outcomes Report shows how the team performed compared to the bookmakers' odds across nine types of outcomes. The outcome types allow to see how often the team exceeds initial expectations. The percentage numbers under the teams’ logos indicate potential profitability of specific types of bets made for the selected team during last 32 matches. This feature helps understand a team's performance trends.

For example, while it's typical for Manchester City to win 9 out of 10 games, Bayer-04, an outstanding team in the 23/24 season, excited fans with their unexpected victories.

The Stats Report shows recent and average figures of the AIstats smart metrics (rtP; rtA; xPG) and values of conventional but important metrics (Dangerous Attacks; Total Shots; Shots on target; Shots off target etc.). Instead of relying on “head-to-head” and “last five matches” statistics, the in-depth Report provides a better understanding of the team’s form, allowing to compare its performance with its rival. For example, Tottenham Hotspur may be in good shape against Crystal Palace despite a three-match losing streak, as those losses were against Manchester City, Arsenal, and Liverpool, during which they demonstrated good rtA.

An important feature of the Stats Report is a graph that shows the average values of specific metrics for the teams over the long period of time. The graph allows you to notice trends, understand changes in the teams’ form and compare their performances.