Real-time Alerts: Stay Ahead with Best Matches

Conventional football stats make it challenging to scan and analyze hundreds of matches. Fans often waste a lot of time and lose focus trying to find the most outstanding performances. AIstats tackles this problem by measuring matches quality with the help of rtP, xP, rtPI, rtA, xPG, while the Similar Match Technology analyses matches progress and provides best insights.

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However, this information is only useful if you are aware of it. Smart Alerts help to stay informed about the most unique and insightful matches.

Thanks to Performance Alerts, fans stay informed about matches where one of the teams shows exceptional performance according to rtP, rtA, xPG, rtPI, and Similar Match Insights metrics. We have developed a settings system that covers various use cases of our metrics and consists of three categories of settings:

Choose Search Area

  • All tournaments

  • Major tournaments

  • Minor tournaments

Choose Insights Type

  • Real-time Power (rtP)

  • Real-time Advantage (rtA)

  • Expected Power Growth (xPG)

  • Real-time Power Index (rtPI)

  • Similar Match Insights

Choose Number of Alerts

  • Focused (up to 10 alerts per week)

  • Balanced (up to 20 alerts per week)

  • Comprehensive (up to 30 alerts per week)

All these alert parameters are designed to provide fans with a flexible choice and keep them updated on the most noteworthy games, saving time on extensive analysis. Hardcore users might opt for higher frequency xPG alerts for All Tournaments to find all outperforming underdogs, while casual fans may prefer rtP alerts for Major Tournaments to focus on best teams in the world.

Additionally, if a live notification is missed, all alerts are saved and can be accessed later in the AIstats profile or the Favourites PRO tab.