Real-time Sorting: Focus on Top Performances

Football isn't just about the best matches. Many games can feel like a waste of time as fans become more selective. However, there's growing interest in teams that might upset favourites or demonstrate an outstanding performance. These teams are often overlooked by a wider audience.

AIstats users can enjoy smart sorting to find the best live matches quickly and without extensive analysis. You can sort matches by rtP, xP, rtA, rtPI, Similar Match Results values to see the best matches at the top of your screen. Whether or not your favorite team is playing, the best matches are delivered to you in real-time, 24/7.

For example, if you sort matches by rtA, you'll see live matches at the top where a team’s rtP has significantly exceeded its xP. This could be an underdog beating a favorite or a dominant team having an exceptional day.

Users can sort matches by the largest difference between Similar Match Results probabilities and bookmakers' odds. This feature helps fans identify matches where teams may exceed expectations based on historical analysis.

The rtPI sorting highlights matches with the highest rtPI rate at the top, indicating that these teams are currently showing the most significant spike in performance quality over the last several minutes.

As a result, AIstats Match Sorting helps users reduce the time spent scanning matches and tournaments by providing convenient lists of the best matches and team performances.