Similar Match Insights: Math vs Odds

The Similar Match Insights feature steps from the Similar Match technology. The feature demonstrates Similar Match Results probabilities for certain outcomes and compares them with the current live betting odds (1X2, Asian handicap, Next goal, Total, Score).

How are the Similar Match Results probabilities calculated? The algorithm analyses rtP and xP patterns in the selected match and finds about 100 similar matches. It then calculates the percentage of matches where the outcomes were the same as the selected outcome. For example, if you select Home Team Win and the Similar Match Results probability shows 74%, it means that in 74 out of 100 matches, teams with similar gameplay patterns won.

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While no one can predict the exact outcome of a match, comparing it with similar matches provides valuable insights into performance trends crucial to football. This comparison helps maintain objectivity in your expectations for the match.

Let's see how it works. On the screen, we notice that AC Milan is losing the current match. If we select the 1X2 event and check its chances for a win, we see that the Similar Match Results probability matches the odds, offering no new insights.

However, switching to the Next Goal outcome type reveals that the Similar Match Results feature suggests a much higher probability for AC Milan to score the next goal than bookmakers expect.

This information can help you to adjust your expectations and stay more engaged in the match. Ultimately, the Similar Match lnsights feature significantly reduces match analysis time and helps to maintain objectivity.