AI Report: Key Insights Provider

AI Report is a core feature for AIstats users. It leverages Similar Match Technology to deliver real-time insights into the game's progress. This feature offers the following benefits:

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Real-time Power Index (rtPI)

The Real-time Power Index (rtPI) measures how uniquely a team performs in terms of rtP while having a specific xP value. It helps fans understand how well the team is performing compared to other teams with the same level of expectations.

Similar Match Insights

The Similar Match Insights feature allows users to compare the selected match with similar matches and understand gameplay trends. It analyses the outcomes of matches that evolved most similarly to the selected match. Different outcomes are reflected in the percentage values.

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Real-time Insights (coming soon)

The Real-time Insights feature provides users with instant facts about the progress of a live match or the teams' performance in that match. It will offer around 125 types of insights and highlight the most significant ones.

Match Insights will speed up the analysis of any match and provide fans with a deeper match understanding. The feature will show stats facts, e. g.:

  • Bayer Leverkusen currently has the 3rd strongest rtA performance out of their last 25 matches

  • 73 of 97 similar matches ended with the home team win, while bookmakers give it a 48% chance

  • Girona has a 12-match win streak in Asian Handicap bets with average odds of 1.90

Top 3 Similar Matches

The Top 3 Similar Matches provide fans with a list of games where teams exhibit the most comparable gameplay to the selected team. This list is updated minute-by-minute in real-time using the Similar Match Technology.

This type of insight shows the results of similar matches, helping you draw conclusions about the game's outcome.