Real-time Expected Trends: Reveal Match Potential

We all know that historical data is crucial for predicting the future. The Expected Trends feature uses this principle. By leveraging the Similar Match Technology, we collect matches with similar rtP and xP trends to project how the selected match may evolve.

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For example, Juventus started applying significant pressure from the 20th minute, indicated by growing rtP and xP. At the 40th minute, when Juventus' rtP growth stopped, fans might wonder: will Juventus continue to increase their advantage? The answer to this question is made possible by Similar Match Technology. With Expected Performance Trends, we can predict how the match is likely to develop further.

This feature may help fans to analyse the course of the match and allows to gain additional interest to follow the game.

Expected Trends is not the only feature offered by the Similar Match Technology. This innovation allows you to compare the team’s performance with others and determine the probability of specific outcomes.

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